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The Dordogne at the Port of Creysse, Lot, France

From the north - Martel, Lot, France

The villages of Creysse and Montvalent in the valley of the Dordogne, Lot, France

The river Dordogne at Copeyre, Lot, France

El Pueyo de Araguas and Pena Montanesa, Aragonese Pyrenees, Spain

Looking towards Pena Montanesa at San Lorien, Aragonese Pyrenees, Spain

Pyrenean landscape, Aragon, Spain

The canyon of Anisclo, Aragonese Pyrenees, Spain

The valley of the Dordogne from the belvedere of Copeyre, Gluges, Lot, France

The limestone cliffs cut by the Dordogne at Gluges, Lot, France

The valley of the Dordogne, looking south-west from Mont Mercou, Lot, France

Rocamadour from le Hospitalet, Lot, France

View to the north-east from the chateau of Taillefer, Gintrac, Lot, France

Loubressac, Lot, France

The ria of Ortigueira, Galicia, Spain

The causse of Gramat at sunset


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